Vastu Shastra Tips For Bathroom Toilet

Vastu Shastra Tips For Bathroom Toilet

North-West direction recommended for constructing bathroom and toilets.

If it is attached also, it should have North-West direction of the room.

South-East direction can also be considered if North-West is not possible.

1.Toilet seats (pot) should be be placed in West to East Or South to North.

2.Door should be in East or North-East direction.

3.Small ventilation window should be in East or West direction.

4.Mirror and wash basin should be placed in North or East direction.

5.Bath tub should position in that way, head should be in South direction.

6.Drainage water should flow from East or North-East direction.

7.Floor level of the toilet/bathroom should be 1 or 2 feet higher.

8.Water tank should be in North-West direction of the house.

9.After bath facing direct sun rays from East direction is good.

10.Washable cloths should be keep in North-West corner.

Things To Avoid

1.Should not construct toilet/bathroom at the center of the house or building.

2.Toilet/Bathroom construction should be avoided in East or North-East direction.

3.Drainage water must not flow from South to West or South to East direction.

4.Marble tiles should not be used in the toilet/bathroom.

Color Selection For Toilet/Bathroom

Any color in light shades except red and black.

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