Vastu For Kids Room

Vastu Shastra Tips For Children’s Room

According to Vastu Shastra room direction and furniture placement should invite positive energy into the room for good growth,good health, creative thinking and excellent future of children.

West – Direction is best the direction for children’s room.

North or East directions are also can considered as good.

We can also consider boy’s and girls room seperately as:

Girls room can be in North-West side of the house.

Boy’s room can be North or East side of the house.

1.Bed should be placed in South-West direction, while sleeping head should be in East

direction. Vastu Shastra says sleeping having head in the East direction helps children for

developing intelligence,knowledge,memory and creating thinking power.

2.Furniture should not touch the wall around the room. It can prevent flow of positive energy

in the room.

3.Heavy Almirah should be placed in West or South direction.

4.Electronic items should be avoided placing in children’s room. But if you still needed then

computer should be placed in North direction and TV in North-West direction.

5.Study table must be placed in such a way so that while studying children’s face will in North-

East direction. East direction is good for improving concentration.

6.Books shelf should be in South-West, South or West direction.

7.Light source for children room should be in South-East direction. Up-lighters are preferable

because it is good for health and spreading positive energy.

8.Door of the room should be in North or East direction. window in the room should be

opposite to the door.

Avoid following thing -

1.Keeping head on North side while sleeping is strictly avoided.

2.Mirrors,TV and computer reflecting the bed must avoid.

3.Door just opposite to bed must be avoided.

4.Never place furniture at the middle of the room.

5.Avoid sharp lights in the room. It can create strain.

8.Lots of book and unfinished tasks can create mental pressure.

Colors Selection For Children’s Room –

Green color is best color for children’s room.It shows natures freshness which is good for developing brain.

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