Vastu Directions Values

Directions and their values.

North-east (ISHANYA) – Lords Shiva’s God place. Should be kept neat and clean or for worship.

East – Lord Indra’s place. King of heave.

East also abode of gods like sun, fire, sky.

Direction is related to pleasures and health. Keeping little space towards east results in long life of owner.

South – Lord Yam, God of deadth. Depression, Irritation and pain.

South-east (Agneya) – Center of fire, house full energy.

South-west(NAIRITYA) – Direction abode Putna demon.

West – Gord Varuna, God of sea and water bodies. prosperity and success.

North-West (VAYAVYA) – God Yayu, direction represents air/wind flow in house.Friendship and enemy.

North –Kuber God of wealth. Wealth,confort and peace.

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